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Art, music, writing, dance, drama… you name it, it can help you to process your feelings and tell your own story. 

Involvement with the criminal justice system is awful. The stress, the fear, the uncertainty, the loss of control, the isolation... it's all horrible. But you are still you and you still have so much to offer the world.

Having something to throw all of your frustrations, fears, passions and dreams into can have so many benefits:

  • Improved mental health
  • Increased motivation
  • Reduced stress
  • Emotional outlet
  • Increased confidence
  • Reduced isolation
  • More social connections

Different types of creativity appeal to different people. 

Some people enjoy group activities, while others prefer to create alone. 

Some people enjoy the noise and activity that come with music and dance, whilst others enjoy the quiet that comes with writing and art.

Maybe you’ve never tried any type of creative activity and you’re scared you wouldn’t be any good - put that critical voice to one side and give them all a go until you decide the one you prefer! 

No matter the type of creative activity you choose to take up, it is likely to have many more benefits than we can list here.

We’re lucky that in Scotland there are a number of charities that offer creative support for people who have been involved with the criminal justice system. We’ve highlighted some below. If you are aware of more, please let us know!

A table with examples of appropriate language use
A table showing the notification periods for the various sentence types. Prison sentence of 30 months or more (including life), Indefinite. Order for lifelong restriction, Indefinite. Admission to a hospital subject to a restriction order, Indefinite. Prison sentence of more than 6 months but less than 30 months, 10 years. Prison sentence of 6 months or less, 7 years. Admission to a hospital without a restriction order, 7 years. Community payback order with an offender supervision requirement, The length of the offender supervision requirement. Any other sentence (e.g. a fine or admonition), 5 years.
Last updated:
March 7, 2024


The following organisations offer support on this topic.

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