Knock Knock

May 20, 2024

Knock knock

Not who’s there, they don’t want to know you
Just what you have done

Bye life

Now I am a danger to the people

Reports reports and forensics

Whose opinion is best if there’s anything
“You’d like to get off your chest”

Restrictions rain down
Keep smiling for the family, the town
The friends and all around
Meet the lawyers spend the savings
All those agencies protecting
Me from infecting the world

Which before they came was a private place

Just see the looks on their underfunded faces

Rushing to judge and meet their deadlines
Then court and headlines
The danger is great


Now the most outraged claim proximity
They “knew something was wrong”
It amplifies their enmity
Absolving their hypocrisy
In social media condemnation
“Beyond redemption”

Where were the helpers, the keepers, the state
When the breaking was done
Years before the broken law ?

Knock knock
Who’s there ?
Not me. I am gone.


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