Feeling After the Knock

May 20, 2024

Feelings from the knock.


After the knock, my heart skipped a beat,

Fear and anguish rising from my feet.

My mind raced with thoughts of dread,

Worry and panic filling my head.


Anger and frustration soon set in,

Why was this happening, where to begin?

Upset and confused, I tried to cope,

Hoping and praying for a glimmer of hope.


Anxiety gripped me like a vice,

A never-ending cycle, like rolling the dice.

But through it all, I found my strength,

Pushing through the pain and going the length.


And though the knock may have brought me low,

I rose again, ready to face the next blow.

For in every challenge, there's a chance to grow,

And find the courage to face the unknown.


It's like a grief that never fades,

A wound that bleeds and never shades.

The pain of losing a soulmate dear,

Is a heavy burden that's hard to bear.


The memories that once brought joy,

Are now a source of pain and ploy.

The laughter and love now feel like ghosts,

Haunting my heart, like a lonely host.


I try to move on, to heal and grow,

But the pain lingers, a constant flow.

The future looks bleak and without light,

A never-ending tunnel, without sight.


But in the darkness, there is still hope,

A chance to find a way to cope.

To honor the love that once was real,

And find the strength to fully heal.


Though my soulmate was  far away,

His love still shines, day by day.

Though he wasn’t by my side ,

His presence and spirit still reside.


You fight on, with strength and grace,

Holding onto hope, with a steady pace.

The love that once was, still endures,

A bond that nothing can obscure.


One day, you'll be together again,

Sharing your love, like a gentle rain.

Living as a family, full of light,

With each other, everything feels right.


Until then, keep fighting on,

With love and hope, you'll never be alone.

For in my heart, my soulmate's love,

Is a constant reminder, to carry on.

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