Children and Mother's Day

John the Storyteller Fellah
May 20, 2024

Mothers Day soon, I would be over the moon

If my mum was here I’d whisper in her ear

“I love you mum” and this is your son

And because I’m the eldest I’m your number one.


But sad to say, mum passed away just 4 years ago

She was 93, and up until then she never ever felt low

Her mind was so caring, thoughtful and true

And she often said “ John, I love you”.


But what could you do if you had no mum ?

Perhaps she had passed, and left you with none

Of the memories that, in my mind we share,

The good times, holidays, birthdays and fayre.


So if you live in a prison, where is your mum,

Does she pay you visits, does she really come ?

Maybe she can no longer make the trip,

The cost, the time, that feeling she could trip.


But don’t be downhearted, for memories last so long

Write your thoughts down, perhaps sing a song.

Family is important, yes that I know is true

I hope this poem strikes a chord, and helps, especially you.

(John the Storyteller Fellah is a poet working with people in prison)

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